Adventure Based Counselling (ABC)

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Counselling, physical activity and time in nature provides a great combination for improving mental clarity and wellbeing. Adventure Therapist, Shelley Wright (MCounselling, MEd, BEd) is an expert at tailoring outdoor experiences to meet therapeutic or developmental goals. ABC combines Adventure Therapy or EcoTherapy with formal talk therapy.

Adventure Therapy is based on experiential learning, and provides a unique opportunity for clients to test cognitive or behavioural change in a safe & predictable environment. During a rock climbing session a client might practice techniques to manage stress and anxiety, helping them to learn what works for them and build confidence. Riding a mountain bike is a chance to experience mindfulness in motion, otherwise known as ‘flow’, where mind and body are completely immersed in the moment, allowing for ‘time-out’ from negative thoughts and emotions. An abseiling session provides a powerful metaphor for a client as they compare the skills it took to step out of their comfort zone at the cliff edge with the skills they will need to face a challenge in their daily life. In a group or family setting, adventure therapy highlights interpersonal strengths and can focus on improving relationships or developing identity and self-efficacy. Eco-Therapy draws on human connection to the natural world and the restorative benefits of nature.

ABC generally begins with a one hour face-to-face assessment/planning meeting with Shelley before venturing into the outdoors. Shelley will then make suggestions, working with the client to develop a plan based on their interest, availability and budget.


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